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About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More

Customer Story: Bayly

Product and engineering design firm Bayly Group is like many small businesses today that are simply trying to find an easy, efficient and cost-effective way to collaborate with customers and partners located across the globe. For 45 years, Melbourne, Australia-based Bayly Group has been a family business supporting companies of all sizes and across all industries with R&D, product design, prototyping, testing and production.


Collaboration through the entire project lifecycle is critical, which is why the company chose BroadSoft Team-One.

Bayly has a handful of employees in the Melbourne office, but the numbers and locations expand quickly as each project draws in stakeholders throughout the supply chain. For years, Bayly had relied on a hodgepodge of applications, including Basecamp for project management, email for communication and Evernote for note taking. They tried Slack for messaging to cut down on emails but found it was just another disconnected application for project members to manage. And Skype did not provide the business-level reliability they needed for video conferencing.

And that’s the issue with today’s available solutions, which manage just one aspect of work – communications, tasks or content – leaving teams disconnected from real-time work conversations or separating them from the flow of work content and information. Team-One was built as the first and only workforce collaboration platform to synthesize all three of these vital and interrelated aspects of work management into a holistic, integrated collaboration experience.

In 2015, Bayly Group Director Mark Bayly turned to Team-One as the solution to consolidate all of their project management, collaboration and communication tools. Team-One offers collaboration empowerment through persistent team workspaces, deeply integrated into key business applications. Team-One goes beyond today’s enterprise messaging services, with prebuilt integrations to over 50 applications and includes critical tools such as task management, content management and notification controls.

When Mark had tried to introduce new software and applications in the past, he ran into resistance from some employees and partners due to a complex user experience. Because Team-One is so easy to use – the team was up and running within days – Mark found that everyone quickly took to the platform, and it didn’t take long to see a boost in productivity and efficiency.

As a fully cloud-based solution, Team-One reduces traditional onboarding and capital deployment concerns.  With a simple per-user, per-month pricing model, service providers can easily add Team-One to their existing cloud business offerings. Team-One is also built for the modern, increasingly millennial, mobile and dispersed workforce made up of individuals and teams that communicate and collaborate in many different ways.


Group Director Mark Bayly:

“For a small business like ours that needs to collaborate with customers and partners on a global scale, the ability for employees to have tasks, files, messages, notes and projects in one place – along with video, audio and screen sharing – has taken our productivity to the next level. The Team-One integrated collaboration platform has become the lifeblood of our company.”


“We can start a meeting with a single click in the shared workspace, easily track and retain the files, notes and tasks for each project, and easily bring together teams and individuals through videoconferencing whether they are in our office, at a manufacturing facility or somewhere in between – saving us hours every week that used to be spent on the road.”

The modern workforce seeks game-changing features and capabilities, and Team-One delivers.


  • Business chat
  • Integrated live meetings
  • Contextual intelligence
  • Messaging bots
  • Persistent workspaces
  • Task management
  • Built for Business with APIs & app connectors, carrier grade security and performance, and broad configuration options.

Group Director Mark Bayly adds:

“A recent project for a bluetooth-enabled smartlock is a perfect example of Team-One’s value: The product is going through the final manufacturing stages, and with Team-One we are able to easily manage the project in the shared workspace, use videoconferencing to communicate with factories in China, and easily collect and track design notes and milestones that can be shared by the team in real-time.”



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