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About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More

Customer Story: One GTM

When technology vendors and service providers are launching new products and services, real-time collaboration during the go-to-market lifecycle is critical.

Group of people meeting with technology. They are around a conference table with digital tablets and laptops. There are marketing and strategy documents on the table

Team-One empowers collaboration and boosts productivity with persistent team workspaces, contextual intelligence and critical tools such as task management, content sharing and notification controls.

A breakdown or delay at any stage of the project – from strategic planning and messaging to creative execution and channel enablement – can threaten launch timing and ultimately hit the bottom line.

For OneGTM, a consultancy based in London that delivers go-to-market programs for these types of organizations, project collaboration and management can mean the difference between project success or failure.  With a small core staff in the London area needing an easier, most cost-effective way to collaborate with consultants out in the field as well as current and prospective customers, OneGTM turned to BroadSoft Team-One.

Prior to Team-One, the OneGTM team relied on applications such as Slack for messaging and WebEx for conferencing, but grew frustrated with the lack of a single, shared workspace for these applications that could make work easy and collaboration seamless with customers and partners. At the same time, because of the limited capabilities of each application, the consultancy had to keep adding more tools to plug the gaps.

And that’s the issue with today’s available solutions, which manage just one aspect of work – communications or tasks or content – leaving teams disconnected from real-time work conversations or separating them from the flow of work content and information. Team-One was built as the first and only workforce collaboration platform to synthesize all three of these vital and interrelated aspects of work management into a holistic, integrated collaboration experience.

As a fully cloud-based solution, Team-One reduces traditional onboarding and capital deployment concerns.  With a simple per-user, per-month, pay-as-you-grow pricing model, service providers can easily add Team-One to their existing cloud business offerings. Team-One is also built for the modern, increasingly millennial, mobile and dispersed workforce made up of individuals and teams that communicate and collaborate in many different ways.

OneGTM Director Tim Hallac:

 “In the months since we have been using Team-One, the benefits have been numerous. Our clients have a single team workspace to share knowledge and information without the need for constant emails and file attachments, and with screen sharing built into the integrated messaging and video conferencing experience, project teams can interact in real-time which is great when we are presenting new creative ideas to be able to see the reactions face-to-face.”

The modern workforce seeks game-changing features and capabilities, and Team-One delivers.

  • Business chat
  • Integrated live meetings
  • Contextual intelligence
  • Messaging bots
  • Persistent workspaces
  • Task management
  • Built for Business with APIs & app connectors, carrier grade security and performance, and broad configuration options.

Director Tim Hallac adds:

“Team-One is ideal for companies like ours with team members who are geographically scattered but need an easy way to collaborate in one single space. We can start a video conference with one-click in the web browser, without the need to download a bunch of applications for video, file sharing, conferencing and messaging. And now when we are pitching new business, we can save travel time and money by showing them our portfolio via screen share virtually.”



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