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Business Chat

  • Group & Private Messaging: Chat 1-on-1 and keep conversations private or talk with everyone in a group.
  • Search: Find historical messages and content quickly and easily.
  • Sync: Messages and content are instantly accessible across all your devices.

Persistent Workspaces

  • Work in One Place: All of your messages, notes, tasks and files organized in one place.
  • Persistent Life: Enjoy easy access to workspace information forever, until you choose to delete it.
  • User Permissions: Manage members, assign admin rights and invite external partners to collaborate.

File Sharing

  • Drag & Drop: Share any type of file from documents and images to audio and video.
  • Embed: Attach a file to a Note or a Task, creating easy to track references.
  • Comment & Follow: Comment on a file or add Followers for instant updates when others Comment.

Contextual Intelligence

  • Powered by Broadsoft Hub: Dynamically displays the info and content you have in common with your colleague during every 1-to-1 dialogue.
  • Enjoy ‘micro views’ of Google, Office 365 Mail and Calendar, Salesforce and Twitter apps.
  • Take ‘quick actions’ with the micro views without ever having to leave Team-One!

Teamwork Made Simple

Watch how Team-One can help you get work done and become a team collaboration master.

Note Taking

  • Capture and Organize Notes: Jot down a meeting recap or just capture your thoughts before they escape.
  • Collaborate around Notes:  Share notes with all workspace members and let them comment.
  • Share with Everyone: Add followers to your notes so workspace members to receive notifications when someone comments.  Of course, you can always keep your thoughts private too.
live meetings

Live Meetings

  • Conferencing: HD instant video conferencing with any/all workspace members.
  • Screen Sharing: Share your screen with workspace members and annotate what you share.

Task Management

  • Create, Assign & Track Tasks: Turn Tasks into Notes upon completion for future referral.
  • Email to Tasks: Create new Tasks by forwarding emails into Team-One.
  • Calendar integration: Assign due dates that sync with your calendar.

APIs, Bots & Integrations

  • Developer API: Communicate with your team from any device, from anywhere and anytime.
  • Messaging Bot API: Group and private messaging that works on any device, from anywhere and anytime.
  • 50+ App Integrations: Everything you and your team create, upload and share in kept in sync across all your devices.
Team-One makes teamwork simple.

Team-One is an all-in-one team messaging and business collaboration app with built-in integrated calling and live meetings. Available on iOS, Android, web and desktop, feel confident working from anywhere, anytime and on any device.