About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
Creating a Workspace

All full members of a Team-One Organization can create Workspaces.

To set up a new Workspace, click on the briefcase icon in the top left-hand panel.

Next, enter the Workspace name and a description.

Adding Members

You can add members to your new Workspace now, or you can add them anytime later.

Click on Add Members to invite people individually. Select members from your organization’s user list or invite them using their email addresses. New members will receive an email notification with an invitation to the Workspace.

Enable Admin privileges for members by clicking on their member status and selecting the “Admin” option from the drop-down.

Who Can Join?

The final step is to set your Workspace permissions.  Select one of the three options from the “Who can Join” drop-down.

Invitation Only: Users must have an invitation to become Workspace Members and gain access to the Workspace. Only Workspace Admins can send this invitation.

Internal Members Only: This option makes the Workspace accessible to every Organization user. Guests cannot be invited to these Workspaces.

Invitation and Anyone with a Link: This is the most open option. Members can be invited from Team-One and anyone who receives a link to the Workspace is also granted access. People who access the Workspace through a link will be added as Guests.