Creating a Task

There are two easy ways of creating Tasks in every Workspace (Personal, One-to-One, Group):

  • Add a Quick Task from the Tasks tab.


  • Click on the + (add) button in the bottom right-hand corner and select Task. This Task is initially placed into draft mode and won’t be visible to other members until you Publish it.


iOS Specifics:

  • To add a Note in the iOS app, tap the plus icon and select Task.
  • Tap Publish when you’re done.
  • When editing an already published Task, tap Done to save all your changes.

Android Specifics:

  • To add a Task in the Android app, tap the green plus icon and select Task.
  • Tap Save when you’re done.
  • Tap Edit to make changes to an already published Task. Your changes will be automatically saved and synced.