About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
3.1 Release Notes - 1/10/17


  • Markdown support added for Chat messages
  • Emoji updates:  New look and feel, with more categories and emoji options. Additionally, emojis are displayed larger then posted by themselves in Chat.


  • Activity timestamps updated:  Date label appears as a banner at the top of the activity feed. Additionally, activity within the workspace is timestamped to the right in AM/PM in 12:00 or 24:00 format.


  • Tags now appear in the Note/Task list and clicking on them applies the filters to the listed Tasks


  • Notes/Tasks comments feature:  A new lighter comment box, allowing members to comment more quickly, by removing 2 additional clicks in the process.


  • @mention updated to reflect user name in sidebar second lines, under Workspace name


  • ‘External’ label changed to ‘Guest’


  • Updated hover text label on sidebar buttons


  • Note history view redesigned for a more simplified and cleaner look


  • ‘Loading’ feature within the activity feed updated


  • Fixed issue with Workspace autojoin URLs redirecting to Meeting Room, instead of linking directly to the workspace user is invited to.
  • Fixed issue with Chat menu (down caret by the chat text). Hover feature removed and now always present.
  • Fixed visual representation of quoted Chats in activity feed, so members can now quickly and easily separate quoted Chat messages from new Chat messages.
  • Fixed issue with newly created Workspaces having members from a previously created Workspace, when two Workspaces were created back-to-back.
  • Fixed issue with Comments and unassigned Tasks displaying undefined text in the activity feed.
  • Fixed issue with Comments not consistently rendering for Notes/Tasks.
  • Fixed alignment of arrow in Help menu on sidebar
  • Fixed Workspace loading loop issue during activity fetch process