Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a note taking tool?

Team-One offers powerful note-taking features that let users take notes from any device and attach just about any kind of document or file.

Team-One lets users turn Notes into Tasks, attach files and share with colleagues, team members, customers or even classmates. And all of this is in the context of private and shared Workspaces so you have control, visibility and access.

Are you a collaboration tool?

Yes! We make collaboration happen for teams of all sizes. In fact, Team-One’s features help you capture information, share it and collaborate with others to get work done. Thousands of organizations currently use Team-One to accomplish more every day, in a range of functions and roles, including Sales, Marketing, HR, Product Management, Business Operations, Finance, etc.

How are you different from social networking?

Team-One is about making teamwork simple, being productive and getting work done. Social networking is about people sharing personal stories and keeping in touch.

Does Team-One require me to change the way I work?


We designed Team-One to mimic the way real-world professionals and teams work. With Notes and Files, we enable you to capture information. We give you the space to collaborate with each other and, in the process, complete work with tasks, Workspaces and completion metrics.

Our numerous integrations connect specialist systems and siloed corporate tools, so you don’t have to worry about exports, file formats and compatibility between Enterprise applications. This way you can really focus on getting work done.

Do you envision Team-One as the “desktop for work”?

Yes and no.

For smaller companies that haven’t yet invested in other social business applications, we become the place teams work in and build around. Others use Team-One as their CRM system, product management tool or knowledge and document management system.

Larger companies that use other applications rely on us to seamlessly integrate their Notes, Tasks and other information around project goals.

Where are my notes/data stored?

All your data is stored on our secure hosting infrastructure located in SOC1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 compliant data centers. Your Team-One Tablet or SmartPhone app may also store your data on your mobile device in offline mode.

Who else on my team have access to my Notes, Tasks and other data?

If you create notes or other items in your Personal Workspace, no one else can access them. However, your content in a Shared Workspace with other team members is accessible to everyone invited to that Workspace.