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About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
Frequently Asked Questions

About Team-One

What is Team-One?

Team-One is the all-in-one business messaging and collaboration app that makes teamwork simple. It gives you all the tools and feature you need to be productive at work, including group Chats, Live Meetings, File sharing and more. In Team-One, you can collaborate with coworkers, remote team members, partners and even clients, from any device, anytime and anywhere.

How do I access Team-One?

Team-One is available for webWindowsMaciOS, and Android. Click on the links to download the app(s) you need!

To access Team-One through the web app, go to www.team-one.com and sign in with your credentials.

Where do I download the Team-One app?

Team-One is available for web, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Click on the links to download the app(s) you need!

Is Team-One available in my language?

Team-One is currently available in English, German, French, and Spanish. Other languages are being added so check back regularly for updates. To change your Team-One language, in your Settings, select the Preferences menu.

Can I use Team-One for personal work?

Absolutely! Every user in Team-One has access to a Personal Workspace that offers the same features as other Workspaces: Notes,Tasks and storage for Files.

How do I get help for Team-One?

There are a few ways for you to get help for Team-One. You can access our self-help information, including help articles and videos, here.

If you need additional support, please email support@team-one.com.


How to use Team-One

How do I invite people to collaborate?

Inviting people to Team-One is very simple!

To add new users to your Team-One Organization, click on “Add organization member” icon and enter the email address of the person/people you’d like to invite. Note that only Org Admins will see this icon. If you’re not an Org Admin, find out who is and ask them to help you out.

If it’s new Workspace members you’d like to invite, click on the “Workspace Settings” icon, then switch to the “Manage Members” tab. Invite new people to your Workspace here. Note that you have to be a Workspace Admin to be able to invite new members.

Who can see my Notes, Tasks, Files, etc.?

The contents of your Workspaces -Notes, Tasks, Files and Chats- are visible to every Member invited to the Workspace. The only exception is when a Note or Task is not yet published. Unpublished content is visible only to you.

Can I invite people who are not in my organization into Team-One?

Of course! You can add Guest users in Team-One. They are invited to specific Workspaces and they enjoy a limited set of privileges, compared to the robust capabilities of regular Users. Guests are limited in that they:

  • Do not have the ability to create Workspaces in an Organization and do not have access to other Workspaces
  • Do not have access to the Organization’s User Directory
  • Cannot view the profile information of Users who are not sharing a Workspace with them

How do I launch a live meeting from Team-One?

Start Live Meetings from any one-to-one or team Workspace by clicking on the Camera icon in the top right corner of the Workspace. Once launched, enjoy  Video Conferencing, Audio Calling, and Screen Sharing capabilities.  You can also dial-in remotely to online meetings, using the phone numbers provided.

For more information on Live Meetings, visit the Product Guide.

Can I export my data from Team-One?

Users in Team-One can export Notes and Tasks into CSV files from their Workspaces. Contact Support to  request help to export your Chat histories.

Where is my data stored? / Is my data secure?

Team-One offers a robust, secure framework for enterprise collaboration and information management. For more information on the Team-One security framework please visit our security page here.

What is Contextual Intelligence powered by BroadSoft Hub?

Contextual Intelligence powered by BroadSoft Hub is a cloud aggregation service that makes everything simpler. It combines your communications with your business cloud applications and pulls important information into one place with your conversations. For more information, visit the Hub page here.

This unique feature allows Team-One to automatically displays the information you have in common with your fellow internal colleagues during your one-to-one conversations. You select which applications’ activities you want to openly share including: Google G Suite, Office 365 Mail and Calendar, Salesforce and Twitter.


My trial has expired. How do I activate my Team-One account?

You can activate your account from the Web or Desktop apps. Log in to your account and click on the ‘Activate’ button in the bottom toolbar.



How do I signup and pay?

We are no longer accepting new customers as BroadSoft will no longer provide BroadSoft Team-One services effective as of October 31, 2018.

For current customers, any refunds owed will be processed within 30-60 days of the deactivation date. Please take appropriate action to download/export content from your Team-One Workspaces before October 31, 2018. After this date, service will formally be deactivated and no longer accessible.

If we add a new user to our Org, how is billing handled?

If you add a user to your Organization during a billing cycle, your charge will be pro-rated for the remainder of that billing cycle. For the next billing cycle, the new user will be charged the same rate as other users in your Organization.

If we remove a newly added user, how is billing handled?

If you remove a user from your Organization during a billing cycle, the next billing cycle will reflect the reduced number of users.

Occasionally, we work with external contractors or vendors. What’s the cost for adding them to our Organization?

Team-One offers unlimited external collaborators, called Guests, at no cost.

We want to cancel our Organization’s Team-One account. Can we get a refund?

All cancellations are effective at the end of the current billing cycle. No refunds will be issued.

The credit card we use to pay for Team-One was canceled/expired or our billing information changed. What do we do?

You can update your billing information (add a new card or update details for your existing, valid card) in your Organization’s Billing settings.


Can we pay without using a credit card?

Yes, we can work with you on alternative methods of payment. Please contact us.

How can we access our invoices?

Your Team-One Org Administrator can access all invoices by logging into Team-One, from a PC or laptop.

Can we add additional information to our invoices, for our accounting department?

Please contact us, so we can find a solution how best to meet your accounting department’s needs.

Where can I find Billing Terms and Conditions?


Complete details on billing Terms & Conditions can be found here.