About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
iOS 3.0.4 - 4/5/17


  • In People Tab, changed guest label from External to Guest

  • In People Tab, Org Administrators now have the ability to add members by clicking on the Plus (+) button
  • Added “is typing” feature so you can see when someone is sending a message

  • Applied performance enhancements to What’s New, Favorites and Recents for faster loading time
  • Added Date indicator to the top of the Activity Feed, clearly indicating when the content was posted

  • When you are near the top of the chat/workspace, Data automatically pulls previous posts  (aka Infinite scroll)
  • Improved Emoji library, offering similar options that are available on the Web version
  • Quoted Chats now include indented text string, matching look similar to the Web version

  • GIFs images now display in one-to-one and group Chats
  • Enhanced camera controls with a new setting allowing Users to save images to Camera to roll
  • Implemented new Keyboard w/ enhanced features:
    • Built-in formatting for Markdown
    • Improved  @ mention controls (now displays screen name & presence)
    • Emoji completions when using colon mark (:)

    • Allows you to paste multimedia into the chat
    • Improved editing functionality


  • Updated user names in second line to remove the ID (usernames to @JohnDoe vs @john3000)
  • Updated the second line of text in Workspace lists to display emojis
  • Fixed crash when changing the @ mention from user to @all
  • Fixed crash when @ mention does not have a list of all usernames (due to slow REST call)
  • Fixed UI issues with Tags and Workspace Filter inside Tasks/Notes/Files to now reflect correct color issues
  • Fixed issue to remove ‘Assign To’ when one comments on a Task