About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
iOS 3.1.0 - 5/13/17


  • Applied performance optimizations in chat feed to run faster & smoother. Also, added a small spinner image to indicate when a workspace is loading

  • Enhanced the look and feel of comments on Notes, Task and Files, mirroring the same experience as the activity feed. Other updates include:
    • Improved event history
    • Markdown and gif rendering
    • @mention and emoji auto completion
    • + many more!

    • Updated Recently Visited menu to contain an infinite list of Workspaces
    • Added visual indicator to identify successful delivery of Chat messages. Upon successful delivery, Chat bubble color changes.  

    • Updated the @mention inside a Note, Task & File to display the user name instead of user ID within the activity feed display

    • Title for Notes, Tasks and Files now wrap into multiple lines 


    • Fixed issue where hyperlinks inside the Notes and Tasks were not working properly
    • Fixed issue where Task description was getting cut off when an attachment was included on the Task
    • Fixed the placement of the scroll to the bottom button appearing under the Chat box in the Activity feed
    • Fixed issue where the name was not updating properly when switching organizations
    • Fixed issue where clicking back button while on More tab would take you back to the main menu page instead of the Workspace