About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
Web 3.2 - 3/13/17


Emoji updates:  
  • In Chat box, auto-complete function available for emojis by using colon (:) mark

  • Emojis now render larger under different heading sizes using Markdown

  • In Chat message, emoji respects heading font size
  • In Emoji menu, hovering over an emoji now shows at the top of the drop up selection box
  • Added tone selection menu for emojis

03-17 Release_Emojis 3

  • Emojis now displaying in Web notifications for Chat messages

03-17 Release_giphy

  • Added Member ‘Is Typing’ display to Chat messages

03-17 Release_is typing

  • Editing Chat messages is now done inline within the activity feed
  • In activity feed, updated look and feel of the Chat message menu
  • Added Copy function to the Chat message menu
  • @mentions in Chat Desktop notifications now converted to @names
Activity Feed
  • Added height restriction of 200px to all inline images

03-17 Release_img height

  • In activity log, date label now hidden after 8 seconds
  • Paste function now supported for uploading (dependent on Browser)
  • Changed font size to 13px in activity feed.   
  • Deleted Notes and Tasks objects no longer show up in Activity Feed
  • You’ve been mentioned count, either @mention or through a direct chat, (i.e. Badge) added to Browser tab title

03-17 Release_browser badge

  • Added ‘Activate’ button to the bottom of the sidebar for trial and expired organizations
  • Comments box in Notes, Tasks and Files updated to a plain text
  • For Buttons, added visual indication when they are in focus.  
  • Added ability for Organization Administrators to create organization wide workspaces


  • Fixed issue where clicking ‘continue’ on org invitation during startup didn’t work and would leave the user with a white screen.
  • In activity feed, fixed issue with space between paragraphs not being rendered in markdown formatted html.
  • Fixed issue where dash ( – ) was breaking @mention conversion to @name.
  • Fixed issue where only the first url in a chat message would open in a new page
  • Fixed branding colors reset to default when switching orgs if no branding colors set.
  • Fixed issue where sending multiple chat messages while offline would remove the retry message from previously failed messages.