About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
About Cisco CISCO BroadSoft is now part of Cisco Learn More
Web 3.7 - 10/2/17


  • Added ability for the Web app to be translated into French, bringing total number of languages to 4!

  • Streamlined design of Workspace content categories by replacing tabs with Icons

  • Enjoy increased the notification functionality for the current Workspace you’re in, when the App browser is not in focus. When new messages are received, the Badge count will now increase in the Browser Tab as well as in the Workspace.  Notifications will clear when bringing the tab in focus.

  • Sharing YouTube short link via chat will embed the video into activity pane

  • Added “alt+enter” shortcut to add a new line for Chats and comment messages
  • Enjoy the ability to link directly to a Chat, making it easier share specific messages

  • Added deep linking functionality to Chats, allowing for quicker access to the message. Deep linked chats are highlighted in the Workspace for quick and easy identification.
    • Email notifications: clicking on ‘View Chat’ button takes you directly to the message
    • Search: Clicking on Chats in Search results takes you to the message within the Workspace


  • Fixed issue when assigning a task, the list of members to assign to was not ordering by First Name, Last Name
  • Fixed issue where Chat messages were temporarily appearing in the wrong Workspace  
  • Fixed issue where comments on a File were displaying as ‘You commented on a Note’ in the Activity log
  • In the Personal section, fixed an issue with Chats showing up in the Files menu in the All menu
  • Fixed an issue where Users were being prompted to login to Google Drive multiple times
  • Other bug fixes and significant performance enhancements